Global Shieldtech (GST) was founded in December 2013.


GST is located near Aberdeen in Scotland.


GST designs, manufactures and supplies products and provides services to Maritime, Military and Naval organisations, Onshore, Offshore, Oil & Gas installations, and is working to provide innovative technology to Police and Law enforcement agencies to supplement the fight against Piracy and Terrorist activities including areas of Civil unrest at local levels.


Global Shieldtech is happy to work with clients to design and develop non-standard or custom designs of equipment for specific applications.


Product design, development and testing is carried out in house by our own Engineering staff and independent experts as may be required.


 A proprietary GST product example is the Repel Rail Guard™ which is featured below.






GST offers a Rail Guard which can be fitted to railings of any onshore or offshore structure or vessel that acts as the first line of defence to prevent unauthorised personnel gaining access to installations or vessels as a Ship Side Shield™.  It can be located on structures such as the bridge wing or bulwarks, and hand rails.


REPEL™  Vented Open Water™  Panel

REPEL™  Standard unit

REPEL™  Self Draining – Self Clearing unit

REPEL™  installed in series and stacked on deck for installation

REPEL™  is manufactured from high end Polymer plastic with incorporated UV protection and is a 100% recyclable material, thus, environmentally friendly.  The material is water and chemical resistant making it ideal for this purpose and is durable in adverse weather conditions.



The installation process of the REPEL unit is simple and safe whereby mounting arrangements do not require any interaction through the handrails to secure the system.


REPEL™ Features


REPEL™ is an anti-piracy Rail Guard to be fitted around the perimeter of a Vessel, over external hand rails and fitted to cover any openings restricting access to unwanted boarders.  It provides protection to the Vessel, Crew and Cargo giving peace of mind to ship owners and operators.  REPEL™ eliminates the use of roofing ladders and grappling hooks, commonly used by unwanted boarders or hijackers who want to secure a vessel for ransom.


The system is primarily supplied as a two piece construction with a Shell and back Panel which may be pre-assembled or uniquely assembled over the hand rails.  The unit is further secured to the railing by clamps.  The Shell may be installed without back Panel on Bulwarks, Bridge Wings and other locations where hand rails are not present.  In conjunction with the rear panel and rail cover, the system is designed to leave no exposed railing or potential hold points adjacent the railing and can also be altered to fit around any obscure fittings attached to the deck.


The design includes an option of rear panels, a plain panel, vented open water panel with integral drainage port or hinged panel that is self-draining/self-clearing, which on vessels, allows any green water to drain with ease. Units may be easily removed when access is required for installation of Pilot Ladders and Gangways.  The back Panels are designed to fit 1m and 1.2m high Guard rails, at a width of 75cm to enable two units slot comfortably between Stanchions.



Repel is built to conform to Vessel Handrails manufactured per class society specifications such as ABS 201, DNV 2010, LR 2010 “Rules for Hand Rails”.


Integral Assembly

• Available to suit standard Hand Rail configurations

• Available in Non-standard sizes such as 1.2m height.

• Configurations include Plain panel, Self Draining / Self Clearing, and Vented Open Water.


Two piece assembly

• Comprises of Shell, Rear panel with optional configurations , Rail covers

• Two piece construction facilitates optional placement

• Simpler storage and transportation possibilities

• Potential for easier assembly compared

• Top section may be fitted to Bulwarks independent of Rear panel

• Options may be customised to suit Deck arrangement



Each piece of the model is designed so that it can be easily stored onto pallets or into containers, and is easily stacked which simplifies storage in confined spaces.


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